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Insider Crimes: Hillarys Lawyer Worked For The Same Russian Bank She Claimed Trump Did Business With

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

What #EricTrump revealed late last night is truly amazing and interesting.

The allegations of the Trump Organization illegally working with the Russian #AlfaBank were the result of LIES told by numerous affiliates working with/for the #Hillary Clinton campaign, who also worked with/for the same Russian Bank.

And Eric Trump reveals he and others worked with the FBI for about 18 months to prove the Trump Organization had no relations with the Alpha Bank in Russia. And what makes it more interesting is Eric admitted that nobody understood why the allegations revolved around particular Russian bank? Not until he read the news reports about Hillary Clintons lawyer, Michael Sussmann being Indicted by the John Durham Investigation last week. Then it all made sense.

Those Clinton Operatives knew exactly what to accuse Trump of because they had probably been committing the exact crime for years. That's not a surprise or revelation but one would assume the #DNC and Hillary #Clinton Campaign would have picked a Russian Bank they had no affiliations with. But they obviously just didn't GAF at all because they believed themselves to be untouchable and victorious in the 2016 election anyways.

And they probably had a means within the Russian Alpha bank to make it appear as if the Trump Organization had some type of minuscule digital finger print of involvement with, all to make the lies appear more legitimate. After all its not like the Hillary team hadn't already falsified evidence for the #FISA warrants already. And that was long before anything escalated to the point of the Alpha Bank being involved in the investigation to begin with. This just shows the Clinton Campaign, FBI, etc. were just making it up as they went along. Any trace of association at all between #Trump and the Alpha Bank would have been reason for someone like Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler to claim "we have evidence".

But then Trump won and I think its safe to assume that probably spoiled their deceptive efforts in many ways. It makes Hillary's comment of “we’re all going to hang from nooses if that bastard wins” make much more sense.

And now after 5 long years the noose is tightening. Its ok, I'm patient. In the mean time, KEEP #MICHAELSUSSMAN ALIVE!!!


Sussmann Indictment
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