• malgal92115

In September Biden Will Start His Victory Lap For Lowering the Unemployment Rate

More than 7 million out-of-work Americans are poised to lose all of their unemployment benefits this week as three federal programs put in place in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic expired on Monday. | Fox Business
In addition to the 7 million workers who face the loss of all unemployment benefits on Labor Day, another 3 million stand to lose the extra $300 boost to their state jobless aid.

Here I am saying it BEFORE IT HAPPENS! Biden is about to brag and do a victory lap over how HE LOWERED THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!!!

With around 7 million people being removed from extended unemployment benefits the rate should land in the mid 4% range again. And #Biden will act as if he created 7 million jobs for these people to work at. And the New York Times, CNN, Newsweek and the MSM can't wait to recycle these lies to the masses.

Now don' take a GoodfellaThoughts Gal for granted.... extended unemployment benefits ending after almost 2 years is great news. Get jobs now you lazy bums!! Job postings are everywhere and the economy needs workers. But as a result Bidens #unemploymentrate will suddenly drop and he will instantly start bragging about it non stop as the answer to EVERY QUESTION he's asked for months.

FACT: It's not because he created jobs. Its because people on unemployment were booted from their benefits. But Team Biden won't pass up an opportunity to take credit for something they did nothing to accomplish. Especially after the August Jobs report where they MISSED the new jobs created mark by almost 500,000 was such a big disappointment and Black unemployment rose for the first time in almost 4.5 years. Black Unemployment rose to 8.8%, highest since 2014. But when the black unemployed stop getting their unemployment benefits tomorrow they are no longer part of the equation so the rate will go down and Biden will brag how he's helping black people that he took Trumps Opportunity Zones away from. Its Bidennomics ya can't make this stuff up.

And what becomes of those 7-10 million people who now have zero incomes unless they get work? Watch the welfare applications increase starting September.