• malgal92115

Hypocrisy of Systemic Racism Claims

The roots of this story all go beyond what people now a days refer to as "Cancel Culture".

A famous black singer for more than 20 years is found guilty of sodomizing, raping, and urinating on young girls then later selling them into slavery to middle eastern and African mullahs. However major radio stations continue to play his music with zero complaints or public opposition from anyone on the progressive left. In fact his sales and his streams increased by 500% after his conviction. How are his songs still on platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, Geezer, etc? (#RKelly).

A famous white football coach types a couple of words in a single email 10-15 years ago that the progressive left deems ‘systemic racism and homophobia’ and he must lose his job, be disgraced, and pay reparations. And his franchise he worked for must apologize and take full responsibility for a single moment someone did a decade before he was even hired. And even then the liberal left ultimately blame all white people for his single mistake. (Raiders coach #JohnGruden).

This is why the majority of regular middle class America no longer take claims of racism seriously anymore. And its never just "racism".... Its "SYSTEMIC racism". Thats the popular word the liberal media love to use to spread blame like a disease. To describe a guy like coach John Gruden using a few racial slurs as a much larger problem that ALL of white America is responsible for. That racism exist in every white person because their physiology and psychological factors creates a commonality to want to be a racist person.

And that is the lefts true purpose of Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught to white school children. That they are "systemically" bad even if they don't know it, and their existence is hurting opportunities for minorities unless they are advocates against themselves. In short the leftist socialist Democrats are breeding self hatred among white people.

So when it comes to a white guy using racial and sexually charged slurs progressives think society must over react and propagandize away the inner hatred they hold deep in their hearts. But when a black man is found guilty by his peers in a court of law for doing acts that should be deemed by society as the worst possible, he's allowed to continue making profits from behind bars. How long until his "Recorded from Prison" album drops?

In closing America does have a "SYSTEMIC" problem.... the progressive socialist left that are enabling things like this to happen.