How The Left Uses Nonsense Code Words For Its Anti-American Agenda & Liberal Privilege (Part I)

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The Left has increasingly created and used nonsense code words for its anti-American agenda and to advance Liberal Privilege. Words such as “intersectionality,” “non-binary,” “inclusive,” “people of color,” “cis gender,” “white privilege” and “latinx,” all serve one purpose to undermine traditional American society by creating an us vs them dynamic and creating a privileged class of “woke” radical Leftists who seek to silence anyone who disagrees with them via the use of the mainstream media, BigTech and by putting pressure on or collaborating with corporations (e.g. Nike) and other organizations (non-profit orgs, etc.).

Alan Dershowitz, a renowned law professor, has explained how the radical Left uses “intersectionality,” a “radical academic theory, which holds that all forms of social oppression are inexorably linked…" and "…has become a code word for anti-American."

The problem for polite and sensible people is that the Left's use of nonsense code words is confusing and stifles debate (intentionally so by the Left).

We have seen this silencing with “cancel culture.” The Left along with large corporate interests now seek to destroy anyone who dare challenge their narrative; often by demanding for resignations or termination of anyone who goes against the Left’s agenda. Cancel culture certainly has more in common with totalitarian governments including communist regimes than with the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment freedom of speech rights.

The Left’s creation and use of non-sense code words sends a signal to society if a person uses these nonsense code words to virtue signal then they are part of a protected class. In contrast, if a person does not use these code words or dares speak out against such code words they are punished via “cancel culture” methods or socially ostracized.