• TheGoodfella

On This Independence Day!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I wanted to wish my readers a Happy 4th of July. The United States Declaration of Independence was ratified on this day in 1776 by the second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The most important document in American History gave the 13 Colonies sovereignty to be fully independent from British rule. It was step 1 to forming The United States of America. On my recent visit to Washington DC I was so happy to see the Declaration of Independence and the absolutely stunning National Archives Building that protects it. I would recommend to anyone to go and see the Archives Building to see in person the very documents that give us freedom.

I would love to say the picture I post to this thread is my own. Its the stock image from the Archives Building link above. The reason I was unable to post my own photo is that all photography inside the Archives Rotunda is illegal now. The Declaration, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. have faded because of the use of flash photography. And if you see them in real life it's very obvious. At first I believed it was solely because the Documents are so old. But the curator told me, and showed me dated pictures of how the fade was super accelerated in about the year 2000... when everyone started having flash photos on their phones. So imagine 1 million visitors per year, about 2,800 per day all breaking out their cam phones and FLASH FLASH FLASH! Its a shame it took 10-12 years for them to figure out the effects so they couldn't have stopped it sooner.

And as a result the the police take the "No Photos" very serious and I saw someone try to sneak a picture from about 15' away and he was quickly escorted out. No clue what happened to him after that, but his bad.. HAHAHA!

In closing REMEMBER MY POST FROM ABOUT 1 WEEK AGO. The Left wants to Cancel the Declaration of Independence & US Constitution They want to obsolete the documents/building that protects them. They want to cancel the very thing that gives them the Freedoms to say dumb things like "Cancel the Declaration and Constitution". God bless their stupid little souls. And God Bless the USA! Happy 4th!