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GoodfellaThoughts is Looking to Add a Few Contributors

Goodfella Thoughts has done very well in regards to traffic and people visiting and reading as you read in my recent update here LINK.

I honestly cant say if thats a high amount of internet traffic for a political blog or not. My only reference would be Drudge Report years ago (before they sold out) when they would have like a billion visits per month. But unlike what Drudge did then, I don't just post a bunch of news links for a hundred sources and sit back and look at the screen. I do my best to write an accurate, descriptive, and in depth analysis of the news story I am responding to. I try to paint my opinion in a way to reach people and make them understand my point of view. SIDE NOTE: And soon that will include frequent video posts. I'm excited about that actually. I feel when I start vlogging there will be some upset political elites out there.

Anyways because of #GoodfellaThoughts steady traffic I am interested in adding 2 or 3 more contributors to increase our content flow.

You don't have to be a scholar or have previous media experience. I know many media broadcasting talking heads in TV and Print and I would prefer normal people with strong opinions that are not afraid to express them.

If interested email me at This needs to feel like a good fit and step in the right direction. I will need to see an example or two of your efforts. So if I dont choose you it's not personal. It's a decision I will make based on a few things I know I'm looking for. Thanks for reading and have a Happy 4th of July Weekend!