• TheGoodfella

Global Energy Crisis Scam

Now the world suddenly has an "Energy Crisis". Democrats caused this intentionally and liberal voters are just too stupid to realize it. Even though the facts are all there. Sure the media makes a thousand different excuses why this or that new crisis has come to pass. But eventually one would think even the most head in the sand liberal would start to see the commonalities between what Obama gave us, and now what Biden is giving us and the contrast of what Trump delivered economically speaking.

Somehow Energy is hard to come by now. China is rationing electricity, Europe prices are through the roof for natural gas, power plants in India are running out of coal, and the price at the average pumps in the USA are up $1.14 since #JoeBiden took office. A record average national price increase for 8 months.

And Democrats solution is always the talking point of "Renewable Energy".

Even in America where Democrats have heavily pushed renewable energies there has been failure. California has rolling black out for "conservation" efforts. In reality its because they had shortages because their renewable energy plans failed miserably. In Texas during the snow storms earlier this year the entire Texas grid went offline because the tens of thousands of Energy Fans froze up and became inoperable. While renewable energy is a great concept and one day will help us, its scientifically just not ready yet. And the Democrats have been preaching people "follow the science" for a year now regarding COVID Vaccines.

In the USA we have a fuel shortage now? WHY? Because in 8 months Biden managed to reverse Trumps major accomplishment of making America 100% energy independent. Recently Biden asked OPEC to increased Oil Production and they declined him. Trump never had to worry about OPECs production level because he made them our secondary option. We bought from them when we wanted to, not when we needed to and because of that OPEC slashed their prices to us. Oil was as low as $24/barrel under Trump. Now in 8 months its back to $80/barrel, the highest price since 2014....aka Obama's Presidency.

Meanwhile Biden is busy limiting Fossil Fuel Production like Coal, domestic and off shore drilling, and even cutting refineries. And thats not a shock because he said in a Presidential Debate he was going to "TRANSITION from oil".

Put the clues together people. This is not hard to determine whats happening now. Its not a coded message that needs to be deciphered. Its just simple and plain public information. One only needs to let it allow it to make sense. Because Democrats plan that "It all makes sense when you don't think about it" can only work so long.