• TheGoodfella

Ghislaine Maxwell Case Not Worthy Of TV Coverage

The Rittenhouse trial was broadcast live on TVs numerous networks. The hosts/pundits commenting along the way as if his case and the 'guilty verdict' they hoped for impacted the very fabric of society. In reality his case should never had went to trial, let along broadcast live on TV. It was though because the MSM believed it would advance the anti gun agenda and kill the Second Amendment.

Yet the Ghislaine Maxwell case is blacked out. All the testimony regarding Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and the other CONFIRMED visitors to the sex traffic hub they called "Pleasure Island" are not being broadcast live at all. Even audio broadcasts are on a 11 second delay so they can blank out anything they don't want people to hear.

Because Rittenhouse, a broke and average white kid that defended himself and shot other white attackers with his rifle was somehow deemed racist in efforts to ban guns. But a group of Celebrity A-List Rich people participating in the trafficking of underage girl sex slaves and fornicating with them at a private island is deemed unimportant in an effort to protect the accused... one that they had murdered.