• TheGoodfella


Your big show hosts talking conjecture at the moment don’t know much about OSHA and how it changes the gravity of this entire situation. I do. Simply put they will know in days what I can say now.

In short, Biden didn't mandate that YOU get vaccinated. He mandated your employer not keep you on the payroll unless YOU get vaccinated. That creates many complications for everyone and Biden and his band of Globalist Goons know it.

OSHA being the strong arm to enforce a vaccine workplace mandates changes a lot. Its game changing. OSHA are Police in this regard. Depending on WHEN this mandate takes effect, OSHA can begin to fine $13,875 per violation to any company. So if a company has 3 people not vaxxed thats $41,625 in fines. And if a company doesn’t comply, liberal whistle blowers can file OSHA complaints, trigger worksite inspections and OSHA inspectors can cite a WILLFUL VIOLATION that can be as high as $150,000 per offense. This can and will shut companies down. Companies will be FORCED into Compliance. We just became The Communist States of America. A companies choice is Comply or Close. And the 100 person threshold will lower incrementally to zero. Thats what they do to achieve continual safety improvements.

The initial reaction by Patriots is to RESIST. Will someone please call up the Hannity show and tell the asshat who’s talking on the air right now that if Companies don’t comply the jobs we work for go out of business. And then products don't get shipped and whoever receives them goes out of business. And then whoever was buying them cant from stores so they go out of business. There’s no cars, there’s no computers, there’s no food, because nothing is getting made or shipped. All because you’re telling people to ‘resist and not go to work so you don't have to take the vaxx’. I’m not saying this is right. In fact its wrong and I hate it. But I am saying Democrats and Globalists have our balls in a vice right now. I don’t know the solution. I'm not a lawyer. But emotional ‘we need to resist’ publicly are not it right now. This shit just got real so we must stop playing games. Beside the rich guest on the Hannity show giving advice won't be effected will he?

Meanwhile as OSHA closes companies down in the name of safety, CHINA will be increasing throughput on all manufacturing and producing everything we are not anymore. Including the car batteries they mine minerals from in Afghanistan, that we will be forced to buy, but can no longer afford because so many lost their F-ing jobs as a result if a vaxx mandate fine, or extreme worker shortages who refuse to vaxx.

And yes its 100% unconstitutional . There is no doubt. But it will take the Supreme Court 8 months minimum to make a ruling. More than a year if a Conservative appointment SCOTUS flips. And Roberts WILL flip as usual. Dragging out the time line to get a SCOTUS ruling. And by then the damage is already done.

The globalists are crushing us at the moment. Thats the truth. We need a real leader to see us through this. Not media pimps who want hype, views, and clicks. We need #Trump more than ever before.