• TheGoodfella

Democrats Spending Spree Has No Limits

Here's a basic reason why its a dangerous and reckless goal #Democrats have to spend close to $5 trillion more dollars.

America is now borrowing 40% of the money we need to finance our government. Our government is to big for our own budget. So we continue to borrow more and more. We owe more than $7 Trillion to foreign Countries. And what countries do we borrow the most from? Japan at $1.3 Trillion and China at $1.2 Trillion, which is more than a third of all foreign holdings. And if the *ENTIRE current Democrat proposed spending bill passes China will jump to become the largest owner of US debt by far, outpacing all other nations (including Japan) by almost 2:1 margins.

Which means foreign countries now own more of the future US debt than Social Security, Medicare, Retirement/Pension Funds, etc. of all Americans combined. AND DEMOCRATS WANT TO SPEND MORE ON SOCIAL WELFARE disguised as "Infrastructure".

*ENTIRE: A vote that #NancyPelosi expects to pass on Thursday 9/30/21 is for approximately $1 Trillion to continue "essential" operations. That is only a portion of the total spending bill estimated at $4.5-$5 Trillion.

The below Pie Chart is current as of May 2021. To put our level of spending in perspective in less than 5 months later we are currently at $28.8 Trillion. That's a little bit more than $1 million of debt added every 28 seconds. And it never stops. And that's BEFORE the Democrats latest Spending Spree plan.