• TheGoodfella

Democrats Are Pretending To Care About Americans Again

This article Link (also posted below) represents the Democrat Party perfectly. They are acting as if depleting US oil reserves is a long term solution to bring down fuel costs for Americans. Lol. Its so cute to watch the genius, educated, expert, lawyers flop around like guppies out of water. History has taught us time and time again that depleting US Reserves will bring the price at the pumps down around .10 cents per gallon for a few weeks time. Then the Democrats will brag to no ends about how they helped Americans at Christmas time. Then soon after the price will jump up .30 cents/gal because we have to replenish the reserves and buy more than usual. OPEC is to Democrats like a janitor is to a wet mop: A tool to clean up with. Democrats have no thoughts or ideas on how to help America unless it involves helping themselves. The goal here is to start posturing by saying "I suggested we release the US Fuel Reserves to help my constituents in my district" ahead of the mid terms because they must keep Congressional control no matter what. So they will say and do anything now. The Democrats up for re-election have already begun this process. And that includes starting to distance themselves from the Joe Bide agenda (at least in appearance) to the average Joe (no pun intended). And Schumer and Pelosi will help them retain their seats in all ways possible, so long as they can play the middle ground and keep Congressional power. Because Power is all Democrats care about. Nothing else. But long term Democrats have a secondary agenda here. Stop all US oil and deplete all US Supply. That way Electric cars become a necessity to the American citizen that has little to no choice in the solution. And the Democrats will have made billions, if not trillions of dollars from the REM mines in Afghanistan that are now being operated by China thanks to Joe Biden. Americans don't call Biden China Joe for nothing....

Biden must tap oil reserves to lower gasoline prices, Schumer says
(Reuters) -President Joe Biden's administration should tap into emergency petroleum reserves to lower rising gasoline prices as Americans go into the holiday season, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Sunday.