• FreedomOrDeath



People better start understanding what they are now because it's the next Socialist arrow in the Democrats quiver. In Fact the Biden Administration has already released their new Death Tax plans.

First know Death Taxes effect many more people than ever before and more than a thousand times more than only 50 years ago. And with skyrocketing inflation in the 5-6% range it will make estate taxes even more universal to Middle Class Americans. Secondly what makes Estate Taxes a risk to middle class people & the entire economy is that this is a tax on ones inheritance, which fluctuates in value (like a home/property). That means the person inheriting the estate can be "upside down" in value o the tax assessed value and need to short sell it to pay the government their 40% tax off the top. And then years later, per the Democrats plans the value of the property increases, benefiting them and hurting average citizens.

This is designed to keep middle class Americans from inheritance that may bolster there social standing and provide them with increased investment and earning power against the already wealthy. In other words and to put it bluntly, "Keep people in their place." And it is literally designed to kill private farm land. Farmers will suffer more and more each generation as the government takes control of their land. And why would the Democrats want to do this? So they can control the food in the USA. There is no secondary reason.

The Death Tax Will Be The Death Of Us. We've all heard the old joke about how the only things that are guaranteed in life are Death and Taxes right? Well now the Biden Administration will combine the two into a major pillar of economic injustice and political power conservation. We must bury the Death Tax.

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