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Vaccine Contradictions Timeline:

January 21st 2020 - First US COVID case

March 13th, 2020 - President Trump Declares National Emergency

May 15th - Trump starts Operation Warp Speed promises vaccine before Christmas. Pre purchases first 100 million doses from Pfizer and 50 million from Moderna.

May-November - Faucci and Democrats spread anti-vaccine theories and say Trump is lying, wrong, and/or crazy to say a vaccine could ever be available that fast. Heres are but some examples:

May 15th - (the day Operation Warp Speed Started): Faucci said a vaccine in less than 18 months would be a Bio Medical Miracle.

Sept 5th - Kamala Harris says "She wont Trust Trump, wont take his vaccine".

Sept 16th - Joe Biden said: “Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump,” Biden said. “At this moment, the American people can’t either.” And then spreads fear that a "rushed vaccine will kill more than the Disease" .

Sept 17th - President Trump said: “Joe Biden’s anti-vaccine theories are putting a lot of lives at stake, and they’re only doing it for political reasons,” the president said from a White House podium. “It’s part of their war to discredit the vaccine now that they know we essentially have it. We’ll be announcing it fairly soon.” October 7 - Kamala Harris says "she would not take a Trump recommended vaccine" during the VP Debate on Global TV.

Nov 3rd-7th - Biden Elected Unofficially

Nov 15th - New York Governor Cuomo questions Trumps "distribution plan" of vaccine and wont allow NY to administer it until Biden takes over.

December 14th - First Vaccine released in USA by Pfizer. Moderna comes Dec. 17th. December 15th - Biden sets goal of 100 million vaccine shots in first 100 days in office

December 23 - Trump purchases Additional 100 Million Doses from Pfizer with options for an additional 400 Million doses. But America is set to receive 200 Million Doses from Pfizer and 50 million Moderna doses

January 20th, 2021 - Already 1,611,779 total vaccines administered. 90% of medical industry vaccinated.

January 21st, 2021 - Biden takes office sets goal for 100 Million Vaccination Shots in 100 Days. March 2nd - Bidens Admin get caught trying to take credit for MERCK & J&J Vaccine deal. April 14th - Biden tries to take credit for Vaccines creation June 6th - Washington Post says If Biden wants to convince the vaccine hesitant, give Trump credit for vaccines. June 18th - Kamala Harris urges Black America to get the vaccine, says its not dangerous. July 20th - FOX News claims Trump supporters wont take Vaccine because Biden is trying to take all the credit for them.


So conservatives want Trump to get credit for the creation of the vaccine as opposed to Biden stealing the credit.

But now that Biden is in Office some conservatives don't want to take the vaccines because they're dangerous and it helps Biden look good. And liberals hated the vaccine and promised to never get it because Trump helped deliver it in record time. But now most liberals love it because Biden and Kamala say to take it and that its safe and ask "Why Trumpers wont take it?" Do you see the contradictions?