• TheGoodfella


Good news! The chances you may die from COVID19 has decreased. The updated Death percentage is now .00040%. Thats the 18 month historical running rate. Not the weekly tracker rate that can show decreases and increases because of differences as little as +/-10 having passed away each week. The .00040% is slightly above the percentage of passing away from Diabetes at .00038%. The COVID death rate is down from .00052% from April/May 2020 where its floated between there and .00044% since. I don't say this in jest. That slight decrease does not seem like much, but it is the lowest its been to date and that means less people may lose friends and family than before. It also means less pressure on our hospitals, doctors, nurses, and the medical field in general so they can focus efforts on other issues.

Politics aside, progress has been made.

Whats more important to note is with a declining death percentage, which is already very low, there should be NO REASON FOR MAIL IN VOTES THAT DON'T REQUIRE ID IN 2022!

In closing I gotta say what I'm about to say. I don't care about the blow back. When one says 'vaccines don't work' they're only helping Democrats and giving them exactly what they want: a reason to legitimize people having enough fear of COVID deaths that they can make Mail In Voting & No ID part of the 2022 Mid Terms.

I'm not saying ANYONE has to be pro vaccine. I'm supportive if you don't want to take a vaccine, & I'm supportive if you do. Thats what America & freedom gives us: choice. But when Conservative media heads say things like 'vaccines don't work' they're just helping Democrats keep their preferred method of voter fraud alive and then keep control the House+Senate. The same Dems who want to mandate vaccines and force people to take them. And IF they hold both Chambers that's EXACTLY what they'll do w/o reservation after the 2022 vote. And Conservative media heads know this but won't stfu. Why? Its because they're working with the Democrats. Sorry. Its the truth.

Thank you.