• TheGoodfella


POLITICS ASIDE, I am 100% against the US Government making any American do something they don't want to do. That includes taking vaccines. If you want to take the vaccine that's your choice. If you do not that's also your choice to. Nobody should disrespect another for making that choice either way as there are millions of variables in each individuals reasoning. However the Government has zero power to mandate any American do anything. Not medical professionals, not IRS workers, not military personnel, not teachers, and definitely not children in school.

The US Government at this moment is abusing its level of authority over citizens. And Democrats control the White House, The House of Representatives, and the Senate. Do not let liberals try and blame this on Conservatives or try and justify that this is all to save lives. The mortality rate is so extremely low its difficult to find. Probably because Google scrubbed the many links to Mortality Rate Calculators that were available online 500 days ago.

Its also not the Governments duty to mandate if people wear a mask or not. They can suggest it, not mandate it. And for the love of God NOBODY has the right to put Americans into COVID camps against their will, in order to protect them. And thats what the CDC has just announced on their website is in actual discussions. This is not China. This is not Russia. Why are Americans allowing our freedoms to be taken through draconian mandates. Even the US Military is mad they're forced to get something they may not want to get. Illegal immigrants are still not a problem though, just let them in, give them a hotel for free. When will enough be enough? When is the Million Gun March starting? I can't imagine Patriots allowing this to continue.

REFERENCES: Picture: China builds massive COVID-19 quarantine camp for 4,000 people as outbreak continue