• TheGoodfella


#BillCosby is being let out of Prison. What in the literal Flying Frick is wrong with this world where a scum bag like this can get out?

Where are the women's advocate groups?

Why are the leftist loons that have been saying things like "Trump belongs in Prison for his 26 rape crimes against women". Even though there was zero proof and several of the "accusers" would later admit they were paid by political operatives. It got so fake and unbelievable that even respected localized media outlets across the USA started second guessing the b.s. in the National spin cycle.

Where are the Democrat Female Feminists wearing ALL white?

Remember how they all wore white at Trumps State of the Union address. They said it was to "send a clear message to Trump and his supporters they are against Brett Kavenaughs Confirmation because he was a rapist?" But there was no evidence. Not even something circumstantial. There was literally nothing.

SO.....Where is Pelosi, Fienstein, Kamala Harris, etc. That said "I BELIEVE HER" without even seeing evidence or hearing a single argument? They all were so concerned with the Brett Kavenaugh "Sex Scandal" where a women from 30 years ago at a college party said Brett grabbed her breast. Wheres is AOC who called for his Impeachment? Even though the accuser couldn't remember ANY details of the night like where it was, who else was there, how she got there, how she got home, etc.

Where in the free world is Hawaii's Mazie Hirono saying things like: "I believe her because she's a woman". Remember Senator Hirono’s message to men: "Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing." So where is Hirono hiding now? Now we have a proven and convicted sex offender who committed countless crimes against women being allowed out of Prison. And where are all these advocates? And who is letting him out? The Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The same court, the same people that REFUSED to admit or examine the plethora of collected evidence of Voter Fraud in Philadelphia PA. And the same liberals told the public to trust the Court Process and Decision(s) of the state. I wonder if they're saying the same thing now, or if they're totally unconcerned because Bill Cosby was a Democrat. #LiberalPrivilege is real. Regardless I refuse to invoke race. But IF Cosby was white the media would be citing #WhitePrivilege as the reason Cosby has a Get Out Of Jail Card now. But they cant because Bill is a black Democrat. I bet the DNC is having a Crisis Management meeting right now to decide how to publicly comment on this fiasco they have helped create. Because thats what Democrats do. Soon they will all be reciting the same scripted rhetoric everywhere. Main stream Media included. However the truth is that this isn't about race at all. This is about fame. This is (as it always is) ABOUT MONEY! Because if Cosby wasn't a famous actor he wouldn't even be known as "Bill Cosby". He would just be "Bill the Bus Driving Rapist". But that factoid will never be spoken of.

Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court