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Updated: Feb 24

In the aftermath of what the world saw happen in Afghanistan over the weekend of August 14th there have been significant actions by the Biden Administration that have occurred elsewhere. Some actions prior to the weekend and some immediately after. By themselves these actions seem unrelated and singular in cause. But if one examines each singularity they discover numerous associations that link each move together.

The early consensus which was mostly reactionary from what people were seeing was that Joe Biden is incompetent and made wrong decisions. While some of that may still be true I'm about to argue the contrary that Biden did what was done intentionally and with purpose and even intent.

Intent is meaningful for this argument. By definition a crime can not exist without Action and Intent as determined by an Investigation. We have many actions regarding what has happened in #Afghanistan. In efforts to determine INTENT we must investigate. To begin allow me to recap fast what is general public knowledge regarding what has happened in Afghanistan thus far (However you can read/learn more here if you'd like):

  • Biden decided to abandon Afghanistan completely and pull out all US forces.

  • Intelligence Officials, Generals, UN Leaders and even Media members advised against total troop withdrawal and Biden ignored them.

  • Before pulling out US Troops were ordered to leave military bases, air strips, vehicles, advanced weaponry, and ammunitions behind.

  • The #Taliban seized the millions of dollars in weapons and quickly took control of Afghanistan.

  • Afghan citizens afraid for their lives tried to flee, or were killed in the process. Tens of thousands took sanctuary inside the last control American Airport in Kabul. So desperate to escape death they tried to ride on the outside of C-17 Air-force planes and fell to their doom.

So because I feel our post HERE covers all the issues of morality and urgency for these poor people who were completely abandoned by Biden lets skip repeating those sentiments for this post. Let us focus on what else has happened outside of Afghanistan. Months ago on February 4th Biden signed an Executive order for USRAP that would make settling Refugees from war torn foreign countries faster and easier. In regards to vetting the verbiage of the EO states it SHOULD happen, not that it must. The order then declares humanitarian aid and welfare programs to help them settle in America. The same EO cited the study of the effects as "Climate Change" as the basis for cause. But the study was conducted by Top Brass in Bidens Intelligence and Defense Departments as opposed to "climate scientists". Many news reports even stated that the reason Biden made this EO or what its purpose is was unclear. Keep that in mind.... On June 11th Team Joe ended a Trump-Era ‘Crisis Response’ plan aimed at avoiding Benghazi style evacuations. Joe Bidens Administration moved to cancel the critical State Department program aimed at providing swift and safe evacuations of Americans out of crisis zones over seas. Because why would any American traveling abroad want or need that after Benghazi right?

Weeks ago on August 3rd it was reported that 30 year ICE Agent Thomas Feeley retired because conditions regarding immigration were so bad. Agent Feeley was quoted as saying "We're pretty much screwed as a country". In interviews he would detail a lack of vetting immigrants and an absence of any COVID security protocols to protect America. This notes the accepted paved way to allow illegal immigration to flood the USA. Thats important for this discussion.

On August 5th it was reported that Biden, in efforts to curb Climate Change set a goal and Implemented laws and mechanisms into our economy for vehicles in the USA to be 50% Electric by 2030. His plan grows all forms of renewable energy technology like batteries, generators, etc. Why is this relevant? Bare with me..... Just remember....

On Sunday August 15th the Biden Administration announced it will offer safe passage to anyone looking to evacuate Afghanistan.In the first nationwide televised address by the Taliban they announced that the Taliban has promised to not terrorize, murder, or stop anyone from evacuating through the last US Controlled Airport. Of course the Taliban has been killing people who try to get to the Airport. On Monday August 16th thousands of Afghanistan Refugees began being transported on US Aircraft to safety. The question in the short and long term was WHERE TO BRING THEM. Biden's administration has been holding secret talks with more countries than previously known in a desperate attempt to secure deals to temporarily house at-risk Afghans. How many? Its been unofficially announced some will go to the parts of Europe. But whats notable is South American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.... even Guatemala will reportedly take in Afghan Refugees. And of course America will do the same as we always do. Nobody knows how many yet, but Democratic efforts to expand refugee visas have already started. So the plan to bring in more Refugees has already begun, and possibly as early as February 4th, Joe Bidens 15th day in office. And furthermore the Media blitz to demonize Republicans who ask for details on specifics regarding the vetting and security of any refugees has already begun. So we know now that Biden must have already had plans ready to save Afghan Refugees, but no plan to save the 10-40,000 Americans who trapped in Afghanistan and being hunted. But why? Biden wants to import a massive new voting block for Democrats to monopolize via the many welfare programs they shall provide. This will help them grow the state and create the transition to pure Socialism in America they outspokenly strive for. There's no questioning that motive as they have done it time and time again. But recall recently how Democrats announce the USA will take no refugees from #Cuba and their recent Revolution? Why? Cubans don't appreciate Socialism so they may vote the other way to support Freedom. But this is but a side note..... Do not think this is the end game here. The true INTENT has yet to be identified.

As I write this on August 17th the #BidenAdministration announced a new rule to speed up Asylum processing at the Southern Border. The rule, announced by both the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, would allow U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials at the border to decide asylum claims -- initially bypassing immigration courts within the DOJ. AND WHO MAY SOON BE ARRIVING AT OUR SOUTHERN BORDERS? The Afghan Refugees being taken in by various South American Countries.

And on the same day of Aug 17th #China announced they are keeping their embassy in Kabul open and are ready for "friendly, cooperative relations with the Taliban". The Chi-Coms want to be friendly with Terrorists that don't like western life. Why is this at all relevant you ask? Because while the USA Retreats, China is backing the Taliban to fortify their many Mining Investments they have in the country. While the Taliban takes stock of the natural resources and U.S.-funded infrastructure now at their disposal, strategic competitors including China and Russia will eye lucrative development projects that boost their regional ambitions. And there's a lot there. Copper, Gold, and a plethora of rare minerals crucial for the production of renewable energy technology. In months when you see giant Chinese owned Battery Mines in Afghanistan,which the Taliban will receive billions of dollars in kick backs for... remember it was all possible because of Joe Bidens plan that made Afghanistan Collapse.

And this will lead us to "The Green New Deal", where the USA must compete and join the race for renewable energy in order to stay competitive with the rest of the world. But guess who we will be buying our batteries from, who will be mining them, who will be making them, and who will be making trillions from them, and lastly WHO WILL BE GIVING BILLIONS TO OUR ENEMY(the Taliban) TO POTENTIALLY ATTACK US WITH? NE HOW CHINA-CHINA-CHINA!

There's no doubt all the #Biden failures in #Afghanistan are but CALCULATED STEPS. Its intended. This is but another step. We’re seeing the China-Joe plan unfold. Joe Bidens INTENT was to enable China have full control of the Natural Resources Afghanistan has to offer so they can be the uncontested Champion in renewable energy technology that the forthcoming Green New Deal will mandate on the USA. Be ready for what is now inevitable. God bless.

Afghan Refugees line up at Kabul Ariport^

Afghan refugees being transported aboard US Military Aircraft^ UPDATE 9/2/21: Biden+Taliban+Afghanistan=CHINA POWER TALIBAN ANNOUNCED CHINA IS THEIR MAIN PARTNER Gee if only there was some indication that this was going to happen. The Taliban took over Afghan and China now controls the Taliban. Biden helped this to happen. He enabled it and made it possible.


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