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CBS POLL: 51% of USA believe Biden is NOT COMPETENT

Deflection by Bidens media servants has begun. NBC takes this poll that showed Joe Bidens actions have made 51% of America believe Biden in no longer Competent to execute his job as POTUS.

The day the poll was released Joe Biden was made aware of its findings during a live TV interview. #Biden looked stunned the poll existed, was taken by NBC, and especially that it was being discussed elsewhere by the press.

The very next day NBC anchor Chuck Todd tried to erode what the poll meant on his show and even have it removed from NBC servers. We at GoodfellaThoughts took a screenshot and saved the poll anticipating the content would be removed shortly after Joe found out about it.

Heres the entire downloadable PDF and a screenshot below it.

CBS News Poll – August 18-20, 2021
Download PDF • 218KB