• TheGoodfella


Calm yourself, take a breath, let me explain why this major circulated headline is probably complete garbage. 💥💥BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP RUNNING IN 2024!💥💥

That headline must be true right? Its everywhere today. Because Liberal DNC writers at The Rolling Stone broke the story using a source of "ex member of the RNC", and so many other news agencies and people blew it up. Nothing seems more legit than that right? Could it be true? Yes it COULD be. So could the story yesterday about the "Lobster Diver who says he was swallowed by a whale and then spit out". Because that story is circulating to. Let me share links in order of how the story broke and then circulated to visualize how #FakeNews spreads: Rolling Stone (Breaks Story, cites source as ex RNC member, aka anonymous source. And to even read the story you must subscribe and log in, so not many can actually read it verbatim) The Independent (smaller but well known indy Liberal leaning site picks up the story) Trending Politics (centrist site sees the Independent ran with the story so follows) The DC Patriot (Right leaning news site get excited. Stories already out there so publishes) Twitter "News Sharers" (Hundreds of thousands of them, lib. & cons. jump to RETWEET) Yahoo! (See the TRENDING story and clicks, so reports the original Rolling Stone story) Yahoo! NEWS! (Has their own author write a updated version for the exclusive with same info) THE YOU READ IT SOMEWHERE ABOVE AND BELIEVE IT! And efforts to cover their own reputations, each news outlet sites the others that chose to circulate the story prior to them. It doesn't matter if its unverified by anyone else. Just share it & DRIVE traffic now, & claim plausible deniability after. And after its proven false and IF anyone asks Rolling Stone why they printed lies the explanation is "We at the Rolling Stone cant reveal our sources, our source was not lying they were just incorrect at the time". Or they'll just say "Trumps lying he did tell the 3 dinner guests he was running". And they are not held accountable and in a few days nobody cares. Because they go back to writing stories about ex drug addict rock stars who had their homes reposed because their addiction made them broke. And all the rest just blame the agency up the ladder before them. The End... whats the next story. In NEWS theres a common saying among reporters that nobody outside of the circle of trust ever repeats "HERE TODAY, GONE TODAY!" If proven fake we just scrub the server, delete the story, un-attach web crawl searches and it a few days time its a ghost... it never happened. So whats the next story? Thats referred to as CLICK BAIT! The same way you opened this story because of a misleading title, "reputable" news agencies do the same so you click their story, see their ads, and generate ad revenue for themselves. Who cares about credibility and authenticity these days anyways? THIS is a perfect example of #FAKENEWS. And I have no ad's so this is solely to make a point.

At the end of the day its all about CREDIBILITY. If you have trusted sources sharing this BS its time to revoke your trust and find another source. Just my honest opinion.