• malgal92115

Bidens Mental Capacity Threatens National Security

The dumbest president in American History who has the IQ of a goldfish called a White House Journalist a "stupid son of a bitch". Openly swearing on live national tv. How extremely Presidential of him. Truth is Trump probably wanted to cuss out CNN reporters hundreds of times. Jim Acosta most specifically. But he never did. Because Trump had cognitive control of the words that came out of his brain while having private thoughts. Trump had a working filter.

Biden no longer has that control. Thats obvious. How long before Biden swears and calls a world leader a bad name and ruins a trade agreement or starts military conflict? This is now a matter of National Security. A POTUS that can't control what he says is not only an embarrassment it's a threat. Bidens Mental Capacity Threatens National Security. Even hardcore TV anchor liberals like Chuck Todd are no longer defending this embarrassment in the Oval Office anymore.

25th Amendment anyone?