• TheGoodfella

Biden was actually right for once...before he was wrong again.

Biden: "If You Think the 2nd Amendment Is for Preventing Tyranny, ‘You Need F-15s and Maybe Some Nuclear Weapons"

That quote, in and by itself is the first thing Biden has said that I actually agree with. Because they’re couldn’t and shouldn’t be restrictions on anything the public can buy. Because its not the Governments job to tell US citizens what they can or can not purchase from other private sector businesses owned/operated by other US citizens. Weather you disagree with me, or you love what I said is inconsequential to the fact that all these type of regulations the Gov has ever passed were NEVER intended to be made under the US Constitution. Period. However when Biden continues his ramble and adds context to his words he jumps the proverbial political freedom shark larger than anyone ever has before in US Politics. Biden warns law abiding firearm owners that they could never take on Government and that we would need Nuclear Weapons to have a chance. Basically saying citizens can no longer fight back against their Government. Its called a threat. And there you have it America... the true and legit reason for gun control. So the Political Ruling Class can do as they please with zero consequence, remorse, or accountability. To continue he vocal infliction of the day he then later says.... “Cities with strict gun control don't have high gun crime”~Biden

Seriously that wins the award for biggest gas lighting politics talk bullshit of all time. There is no statistical evidence that supports such a stupid thing to say. LA, Chicago, Harlem (NY), Oakland, Detroit, Atlanta.... pretty much every city in the USA that pushes the Democrat gun control agenda has the highest per Capita, and highest amount of violent gun crimes in the nation.For Joe to suggest otherwise is because he is lying, or he is suffering from a brain illness like so many suggest, or he is just moronic. I will let people decide for themselves.