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Biden's Afghanistan Collapse (vid+pics)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The Taliban are now going home to home, door to door, MURDERING anyone who helped the USA/Allies and forcibly taking little girls as sex slaves. Killing people fleeing at the Airport or stuck in traffic. This is not a "Humanitarian Crisis". This is a "Bidenary Crisis". And Biden has ordered a stop in all Rescue and Evacuation efforts from our embassy. Benghazi 2.0?? That's whats happening as I type this entry for GoodfellaThoughts this early Monday Morning. Allow me to say it again... this is not a "Humanitarian Crisis". This is a "Bidenary Crisis".

BY HIS OWN WORDS BIDEN OWN THIS FAILURE 100%. He should accept responsibility and resign asap. (Blog post continued under video)...

RUMBLE VIDEO (same as YT ^):

Even the MSM can’t cover this one for Biden. He failed us miserably. 20 years. 2,000 US Lives, 40,000 civilian lives, and a Trillion US Dollars and Biden force failed it all in less than 6 months. ALL CAME CRASHING TO FAILURE IN ONLY 6 MONTHS OF A JOE BIDEN PRESIDENCY. And what about those 2K US Military deaths in Afghan? Don't they deserve better than this? Shouldn't their sacrifice of life had been used in the calculation of Biden's decision to allow this complete withdrawal to happen, knowing it would create a power vacuum and the Taliban, ISIS, or other terrorist organizations would move in and take control? Biden himself said this was not going to happen. The Media asked him if Afghanistan Collapsing was Inevitable and he said No! and then gave reason. Watch that here: RUMBLE VIDEO LINK Even CNNs Tapper said "Its Shocking that President Biden could have been so wrong." Or CNNs Jeff Zeley saying LIVE: "[Biden] is the Commander-in-chief. There was clearly an intelligence failure from his team. From people that report to him...It has been six days since we've heard from President Biden on Afghanistan." - CNN's Jeff Zeleny... (Blog post continued under video)...

RUMBLE LINK (same video^):

Other world leaders are all in agreement with the US Media's consensus that Biden made catastrophic failures that led to this all happening. "It (Bidens Afghanistan Collapse) is the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its founding," said Armin Laschet, who is the candidate to succeed Merkel as chancellor in September's elections. Britain also slammed the Bidens decision to leave Afghanistan, with UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace stating: "Of course Al-Qaeda will probably come back," he said, warning that would lead to "a security threat to us and our interests. I felt that that was a mistake to have done it that way, that we'll all, as an international community, probably pay the consequences of that."

And #KamalaHarris played her part in this decision also. In fact she bragged and actually tried to take credit for it shortly after the decision was announced. Harris says she had key role in Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal decision and that she was the last person in the room for all major decisions. So before she tries to duck any responsibility she too owns the badges of shame she earned.

Joe Biden has the blood of thousands upon his hands now. Tens of thousands when this is all done. Some of it is American blood. And while this happens where is Joe Biden? On vacation. Where is Kamala Harris? On vacation. Where is Jen Psaki? On vacation.

Bidens has established his Legacy as POTUS and Free World in under 6 months…Weakness. Being the weak leader he is, President Joe Biden instructed staff at the embassy in Kabul to *destroy* American flags to lessen the embarrassment on the Biden administration for the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The instruction was reportedly made so that Biden wouldn’t be as embarrassed through propaganda pushed by the Taliban. People are dying and this is what hes worried about?...politics as usual. (Blog post continued under image)...

Lets all keep it real please. What we are witnessing in Afghanistan did not have to happen. It shouldn’t have happened. Biden allowed it to happen. And his allowance will ensure the USA has to go back there and re-liberate Afghan again. So we can waste another 20 years, 2K soldiers lives and a trillion US dollars to make the swamps defense contractors very rich and happy. Biden did his job for the swamp well to accomplish their particular vision for how they want the world to look like. Biden is the Swamp Employee of the Decade for this. Every journalist who wrote breathless stories proclaiming “we just have to vote for Biden so we can restore our Democratic norms and peace around the world” has blood on their hands right now. #Afghanistan

#Biden is trying to pass the buck and Blame #Trump for his failure and what will be #Bidens legacy as #POTUS. (Blog post continued under image)...

Meanwhile #Pelosi praised Biden’s for his “clarity of purpose” and his “actions.” LMAO. A sentence later, she says she is “deeply concerned about reports regarding the Taliban’s brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.” Pelosi is a freaking idiot. Just talking to appease different groups if other Liberal idiots. (Blog post continued under image)...

THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR LEADER AND HES HIDING LIKE A TERRORISTS IN A HOLE…..And its been announced by the White House that ’Joe Biden is Expected to Address the Nation in the Next FEW DAYS” About Crisis in Afghanistan. ‘ A FEW DAYS??? In a few days 10K or more will be murdered in their homes. Mass graves will be filled. This is what a Democrat in office represents, war mongering and fear mongering. Biden is a complete embarrassment to the world. He and his advisors, Generals, and staff should resign in disgrace immediately. Re-instate Trump so a man can beat this threat down and secure the world before it comes back to America's borders again. And who knows how many terrorists have snuck across the Southern border the past 6 months with the millions of illegal #Immigrants because of Joe's #BorderCrisis. Another Biden manufactured crisis that his liberal supporters wanted..... (Blog post continued under image)...

So much death that In Kabul right now dead bodies of murder victims just line the streets wherever people look. RUMBLE VID:

And only God knows how many "Refugees" the Biden Administration will allow to come to America now. All in the name of "stabilizing the world". Basically a bunch of #IhanOmars will enter the USA, some as terrorists, some as political operatives who will create a new Biden crisis inside the US Borders. The Biden Refugee Crisis. Team Joe didn't want to take in refugees from Cuba because they would vote against their Progressive Commie Socialist Agenda. But Afghans that are just happy to be alive and getting support may vote Blue all the way. Maybe Democrats edging the future vote was always the plan and why this has all transpired. In closing what needs to be stated is our allies have embassies there. France, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and a few others there also. And they were given no warning by intelligence officials either. Their ambassadors, interpreters, staffers, and even some military are trapped there. The Afghan airport is shut down. The roads are packed with traffic that looks like a scene from a Walking Dead episode evacuation type scenario. People are trying to run for their lives and they can't because they're trapped. Yes Joe Biden you own this. You have given the USA the new Saigon of 2021. Don't blame the Afghan troops, their government, or former President Trump. You made this happen. You own it. Biden's Betrayal of Afghans Will Live in Infamy - The Atlantic (Blog post continued under video)...

RUMBLE LINK (same Video^):

Human beings are falling to their deaths from C-17 airplanes who are trying to hang on to the outside of airplanes. Mark Mill General of the Joint Chiefs just updated all US Senators there was always a timeline of when the next attack would be from the Taliban after they withdrew US Forces, and that they moved it up... to today. Pray. Pray for innocent people in Afghanistan that counted on America to protect them as was our promise. Thats all we can do now. Again I would like to repeat that.... this is not a "Humanitarian Crisis". This is a "Bidenary Crisis". Biden acted alone ignoring everyone. He ignored the media, he ignored other foreign leaders, he ignored even his own military commanders and Intelligence agents to betray the Afghan people. And now hes busy blaming everything possible other than the idiot in the mirror. America is in distress at this point. We're all in trouble with this man as President.



EDIT 8/18/21: Added Rumble Video


8/20/21: Youtube removed video of CNN Jeff Zeleny talking the truth about Biden on CNN. So I replaced the same video from YT video with an embedded Rumble YT.