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Biden is failing America on COVID.

Biden is failing America on COVID. Remember how fast the media was ready to remind people of how many COVID deaths Trump had presided over on his watch (see image below). Now they don't actively remind us at all do they. Well here are some cold hard facts.....

Trump 400,000 Deaths in 328 days. 1,220/day.

Biden 311,000 Deaths in 261 days. 1,192/day.

At this rate Biden will pass Trumps COVID death mark in 74 more days. So By Christmas Biden will OFFICIALLY have more COVID related deaths than Trump had.

And #Trump gave #Biden 3 vaccines to stop this pandemic. No wonder Bidens approval numbers regarding the #COVID Pandemic are plummeting. Trump had to get the vaccines developed, tested, cleared, distributed, and administered. All Biden had to do was try and take credit. And he couldn't even do that right. This information contradicts Bidens promise to ”follow the science and end COVID.”

Note: It’s not my goal to differentiate what COVID deaths are true or not. The press and media made ALL COVID related deaths matter under Trump. So comparatively they matter for Biden. And when Democrats start to try and Nationalize Mail In Voting I’m sure they won’t have a problem making them all count as being true deaths caused by COVID. And yes…. Thats coming.