• malgal92115

Biden Collapsing

According to NBC in only 9 short months Biden is the official owner of the steepest decline in public support in Presidential history. Terms such as "buyers remorse", and "the honeymoon is over" are being thrown around on MSM like bags of Peanuts at the World Series.

See the NBC Segment for yourself:

But lets be honest please... Biden never had any actual support to start with. The Democrat Chickens are just coming home to roost. Chuck Todd (of all liberal people) says this NBC poll SPECIFICALLY is comprised of mostly Democrats. If a public opinion poll was ever surveyed legitimately with an even draw of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats Bidens scores would be even lower. e-Thay ig-jay is-ay up-ay iden-Bay

One can only hide something shady for so long. We all know its getting very bad for the Cheater in Chief lately. But for even the MSM to start speaking truths its an indication of just how far the party of mass deception has fallen. Its a giant pill they're forced to swallow.

However, lets focus on the 37% of people who still believe Biden is competent. Seriously on what planet do you morons live? Is it drugs that make you this dumb? Maybe they live in caves with no contact to the outside world? I have many theories on how someone can be this freaking stupid. But then I remember....its just because they're Socialist Progressive Democrats.