• TheGoodfella

Biden can't Change the Worlds Mind about Afghanistan

Fact: The President that liberals voted for to replace who they called "the worst POTUS of all time" just committed the decisions and acts which led to the biggest military failure in US history.

And now the same liberals are trying to change the narrative, deny how & why the collapse in Afghanistan happened, down play the humanitarian atrocities people saw nightly on MSM TV, and deflect any responsibility to anyone or anything else remotely attached. Biden even blamed his own Generals who publicly said "Biden made these decisions against our advice".

Regardless of Bidens efforts to sweep this under the rug, the reality is whats been said, shown, aired, and documented publicly doesn’t just delete itself because the #Biden Administration wants it to. The world already knows the facts about #Afghanistan .

Biden's State Department deleting the Pentagon files of how much equipment he gave to the Taliban is to late because the world already knows the facts. Besides, if the mission was "a complete success" (-Psaki) why are they trying to hide the facts? At this point no words liberals and their leftist king utter will make the world change its mind.

And when Brit Hume agrees with GoodfellaThoughts it should be validation enough for everyone.... even Joe.