• FreedomOrDeath

Biden Assaults Second Amendment Again

Because Joe, Kamala, Pelosi, Schumer & their gang of Democrats can't ban our guns... they're targeting our ammo.

On August 20th 2021 Biden made is so ammo could no longer be imported from Russia. Its expected Russian manufacturers will ship to third party nations who then sell to the USA. Driving the inflated price up even more. However supplies on AK variant rounds will increase and domestic brass supplies are driven into shortages. Biden is a son of a bitch if I have ever saw one. And he's not done. He's busy sneaking in new gun control legislation in different bills that have zero to do with guns, ammo, security, crime, etc. Like his $3.5 Trillion infrastructure bill. Legislation that future Presidents or Congress will have a hard time over turning because its tied into many different parts of our economy. So he's not giving Americans a single death to the #SecondAmendment pill, hes drugging us slowly with different medications for unrelated ailments until theres nothing left. An evaporated Constitutional Right from within. So he didn't INFRINGE on your Right to own a firearm. Just your ability to actually use that Right.

A few other proposed laws #Biden has made to do just that include:

  • Having to keep your guns and ammo in separate safes. So when the bad guys bust through your door at 2am you can ensure he has enough time to kill you and your family as you try to unlock safe #1 to get you gun, and then safe #2 to get your magazine/ammo.

  • Background checks to buy ammo. And its a very different back ground check than a gun purchase. Your standard ID is not good enough. You need a certified Birth Certificate or Current Passport. So if you don't have either the check can take up to 22 weeks... to be approved to buy a box of 9mm ammo. Meanwhile the same anti #2A gun grabbers that want law abiding citizens to show Birth Certificates to buy rounds, don't want illegal immigrants o have o show their normal state ID to vote. And HERES THE KICKER.... after you pass the ammo background check you're placed onto the Ammo Registration List.... aka a GUN REGISTRY. So basically if you're not on the Gun Registry you can't purchase ammunition. This will of course have erroneous law abiding citizens blocked from being able to buy ammunition. Meanwhile criminals are buying the ammo on the black market with no background check, no registry, and much cheaper than we could buy in the store

  • Make online Ammo sales illegal. Imagine it. The Federal Govt has already strained the supply of ammunition by purchasing billions of unneeded rounds for Homeland Security, allowing foreign competitors to buy brass and copper mines to hurt our supply chains to make production shortages. And all that does is increases the price. Its not REAL supply and demand when the supply is artificially limited through resource manipulation. So even though ammo supply is bad locally now you can no longer buy the rounds online. Driving up the prices higher locally when ammo arrives.