• malgal92115

Biden Administration Program Gives Free Crack Pipes to Crackheads

Get your free Crack Pipe and free crack to smoke. Comes in a "kit" with other assorted drug "paraphernalia". Maybe like a "Vote for Biden 2024 and get free drugs" campaign flyer. Biden is giving out crack pipes like a dentist gives out lollipops. CRACK HEADS CALL 202-456-1111 to get your free Crack Pipe while supplies last!!!

Diabetics need insulin they can’t afford. Elderly on retirement checks can barely afford food. But this is what dumb AF Biden Champions and spends money on. I guess hes trying to normalize crack use to help his son Hunters forthcoming legal issues. America is disgusting under Joe.

Every single day reality calls president Joe Biden…. And he just hangs up. The result of all this is the POTUS is now the Nations Top Drug Dealer. Yes. You read and understood that right.

Biden administration to fund programs to hand out crack pipes