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Bad Poll News For Biden

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Bidens over all approval numbers falling even further and faster than even the most Conservative person could have predicted.

Overall registered voters disapprove of Joe by 53% disapprove while only 36% approve. Thats not shocking news anymore by any measure. Its almost universal knowledge that Joe Biden has managed to create crisis after crisis in America in only 9-10 months time.

But let me break down the poll results by party.

NOTE: *Any balances that don't equal 100 are people who didn't offer their opinion. Which USUALLY and historically means they don't support the person currently in office.

Biden fell with Republicans and that isn't a news break either. 94% disapprove and 4% approve. Who are the 4% of Republicans that said Joe is doing a good job. Rinos walk among us it seems.

He fell drastically among independents at 56% disapprove, 29% approve. Now that is newsworthy. Because historically speaking the undecided voter not affiliated with a party decides close elections.

But what is the MOST shocking is that Democrats still approve of Bidens performance 87% approve, 7% disapprove. However that's not the shocker.... the shock is that those numbers are DOWN from July's Quini poll of 98% approve and 2% disapprove. And that's a drastic swing of 11% when its inside ones own party. Its historically horrible to be clear. Bad News For Joe indeed. It means Joe Biden is losing support among the core of his own voter base.

I'd assume if there are Reagan Democrats out there in the Blue voting block they're not happy at all. And that would also help clarify the moderate independent voters who chose not to respond. To obsolete that change Team Joe either needs more Republican support, or a mass of more Independent support. And judging by this Quini poll as well as recent NBC, FOX, CNN, USA Today, NYTs, Gallup, and Rasmussen polls he isn't getting more support from either. He's receiving less. I would believe its because people are growing tired of Democrats trying to normalize all the strange situations they create. Wearing masks is not normal. Empty shelves in not normal. Inflation is not normal. Supply chain crises is not normal. Giving the Taliban US Grade A Weaponry is not normal. People making more at home than working is not normal. Teaching little children about LGBTQIPA+ is not normal. Ending police is not normal. Helping immigrants who enter our country illegal is not normal. Fentanyl death spikes is not normal. Calling parents who are concerned for their childs education criminals is not normal. Telling Americans they don't have a right to self defense is not normal. Policing free thought is not normal. And as a result NORMALCY is showing up in polls again.