• malgal92115

AOC Leads The Charge Within The Dems Internal Civil War

Congresswoman #AlexandriaOcasioCortez (AOC) stated that the Democratic party, her party, is to blame for the federal government’s failure to renew the moratorium on evictions recently. In regards to the Dems’ failure in Congress to renew the moratorium, despite the Dems holding a majority in the House, AOC stated the Dems need to “call a spade a spade.” In demonstration of her disgust with her own party’s failure to take action, AOC joined fellow renegade Dem Cori Bush in camping out in the Capital over weekend to openly protest the Dems.

#AOC is so disgusted with her own party that she stated that the Biden administration was not being “forthright” about advocating for the extension on the moratorium to Congress until it was too late.* She further added the "House was put into a needlessly difficult situation." It’s clear from AOC’s open disgust with the Biden administration and the Dems lack of action in Congress that internal civil war is here among the Dems and AOC is leading the charge and she is not backing down.