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Another Federal Paid Holiday...SHOW ME THE $

I'm leaving ones race completely off the table in regards to this post. I'm reacting to ANY new Holiday that is added which Federal Employees receive another paid day off from work. With the latest addition of "Juneteenth" to the Holiday Roster our Nations Federal Employees now receive 12 paid days off per year.

  • New Years Day

  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Washington’s Birthday

  • Memorial Day

  • Juneteenth

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

For the point I will make soon know that most US Employees in the working class get 5 of these days off (Mew Years, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day). So Government Federal Employees get 7 more paid Holidays than non government private sector labor...... who pay their salaries.

Q&A TIME: Question 1: Who pays the salary of our Federal Employees? Answer: Tax Dollars. The working class of America pays them. That doesn't belittle their jobs or mean they're not valued, but it does mean they create zero revenue for the USA, they're only a cost. Yes they pay taxes back to the IRS like all workers do. But the tax money they pay was ultimately paid for by non gov private sector workers who paid their pay checks to begin with. Because the gov employees generate no revenue at all.

Question 2: How many non military Federal Government Employees does the USA have? Answer: About 2.1 Million. And I exclude Military because they get no time off (God Bless). Question 3: What is the average salary of a Federal Government Employee? Answer: $63,659 per year. Some make less, some make more. Thats the IRS reported average. Question 4: So how much more did adding a new Federal Employee Paid Holiday Cost the US Tax payer? Answer: SIMPLE MATH SPEAKS. If you want to skip the math scroll down to the highlighted word ***SUMMARY***: below.

$63,659*(7/365) = 1.918% $63,659*1.918% = $1,220.86 $1,220.86*2,100,000 = $2,563,800,821.92 that US Tax Payers Pay for Federal Gov Employees to take their extra +7 days off per year that the vast overwhelming majority of private sector employees do not receive. Now run the same formula only with 6 days (before Juneteenth was added yesterday) to see what the approximate cost was prior. $63,659*(6/365) = 1.644% $63,659*1.644% = $1,046.45 $1,046.45*2,100,000 = $2,197,543,561.64

Now subtract the updated total from adding an extra holiday from the previous total before it was added: $2,563,800,821.92 - $2,197,543,561.64 = $366,257,260.27 So the cost of adding a paid off Federal Employee Holiday is $366.2 Million Dollars per year. Multiply that by a Generation of American Tax Payers (30 years)

$366,257,260.27*30 = $10,987,7171,808.22

***SUMMARY***: So the end game is it costs a generation of US tax payers almost $11 Billion per generation to add a paid off Federal Employee Holiday that about 98% of the nations workers will never enjoy themselves. Question 5: Do you think adding this holiday was about race and celebrating the end of slavery? You the reader of #GoodfellaThoughts has about a 98% chance you are NOT a Fed Gov employee who is NOT getting this new Holiday off paid. Not everyone gets to "celebrate" do they? Just Federal Government employees.... 🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔🤔hmmm.... I wonder why......hmmm??? Answer: The answer to Question 5 is completely up to you and how you feel after reviewing all the data I have presented here. But its obvious a political agenda to propagate messages of unity were made in this effort because only about 1-2% of the Nation "celebrates", while the rest only hear about it and pretend to be included. Meanwhile the USA is almost $28.5 Trillion in debt. A child born today starts life by being $226,113 in debt to the US Gov.

But hey, why not spend another $11 Billion per generation for Fed Employees to have the day off while the rest of us work to feed our kids....and the Fed Gov Employees.