• TheGoodfella

America is waking up...

I saw this last week. I am slow to react to it. Sometimes it takes me a while to grasp the core of what something like this truly means. My initial reaction was "this is awesome". And how very smart it was of the singer to just let the crowd become the focus, and then help the off key choir bring it home. Thats what makes it have the tremendous impact it has had all across the nation. All across the globe actually. If that was a liberal like Lady Gaga she would have given the signal to her sound engineers to increase the mic volume so she could stand out, and push the peoples voices into the background. After all thats what liberals do best correct? Push the voice of the people into the background.

Now remember the most important factor of what we see here. This is at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum where the Islanders play. THIS is part of the New York City Metro located 45 minutes from downtown Manhattan. New York City! Where Biden received 86.7% of the 2020 vote. The state that saw ⅔ of the total vote support Biden. I have not seen this level of Public Patriotism in a pro sports game since shortly after 9/11. When we were under attack by terrorists and every home, every corner, on every block, in every town in America had a "New York-We Will Never Forget" flag flying in Red, White, and Blue. I have a feeling deep in my gut this public display of American Love says its because even liberals in NY can admit a mistake has been made here. Be it due to fraud or not is irrelevant to the point. Americans can all recognize a threat. We are under attack again, and its obvious to many.