• TheGoodfella

All Biden did was poke a wasp nest

Summary: We attacked 2 countries we're not at war with, in attempts to influence negotiations with a country that hates us, to determine how much Nuclear Power/Enrichment we will allow them, years after we took it all away because they hate us. And we killed their people. No war or even legitimate reason to target them. The Biden administration said it was to deter terrorism from Iran because the base was linked to Iranian Militias. Whats linked exactly? I wont be a hypocrite here. When Trump launched pre preemptive, non Congressional approved military strikes I supported it fully. But there was a big difference. He was targeting terrorist regimes and actually killed major leaders like Irans General Soleimani or to kill militants that used Chemical Warfare to murder their own people in Syria. This attack accomplished nothing for a greater good. If Biden or his Administration had given ANY remotely legit reason I would have accepted it. They gave no reason worth a grain of salt. All Biden did was poke the wasp nest and rile up the wasps. And it was unjustified. Look at these pictures from a state wide funeral service to mourn the victims. Does this look like good "Foreign Policy" to you?

Story Link On Monday (June 28), the Iraqi government condemned the U.S. air raid against Iran-aligned fighters along its border with Syria and said it would "study all legal options" to prevent such action, which it called a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, of being repeated.

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