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AG William Barr was PAID BIG by Dominion

Lots of news going around about #dominionvotingsystems. The voter computers, databases, softwares, and hardwares used in the 2020 Election. The state of PA found evidence of fraud and interference this past week, leading to the state AG to decertifying thousands of their machines.

But more notable has been the news bout former Attorney General William Barr and his past relationships with Dominion. A relationship that makes a lot of prior questions about why he would tell the PA AG to stand down and stop talking about the Dominion Voter Machines being connected to fraud much clearer.

People are misquoting figures like Hunter on a crack pipe though. People either like to skew the many facts used in the truth, or just don't understand them. Below you will find a screenshot with website source you can verify & read more details about. In summary #AGBarr was paid $1.2 Million from #dominion in CA$H, and another $1.1 Million in Stocks. Most importantly he was named a Board Member, which means he had a high level of input & authority. This is a tremendous revelation because it means Barr's motivations and intentions regarding his decisions to not investigate potential fraud were compromised. It also means his past decisions to not investigate key members of the Democrat party for unrelated criminal activity may also have been compromised, because they are also connected to Dominion. As are a few major Republican Governors and state AGs that chose to replace voter systems with Dominon ones after the 2016 Election. Just in time for 2020.... I wont make allegations, I will let you the reader connect the dots on your own.

I'm sorry to say but #THIS also means #Trump made horrible decisions regarding his #attorneygeneral selections. And thats ok, he's not perfect, but this was of vital importance. Should have chosen #rudygiuliani or #judgejeaninepirro OR ME! If he did there would be Democrats in prison right now.

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