• malgal92115

Afghan Mother Gives Baby to US Troops For Evacuation

As a mother this breaks my heart so. An Afghanistan mother is forced to give her baby to a US soldier so her baby can be evacuated from the country and saved from the Taliban and certain death.

Imagine a mother being so desperate to save her child she must give it away to a stranger. Having no idea what will become of her child immediately after you give it up, or if the baby survives what his/her life will become. You just know that if your baby stays that death, sex slavery, or purification torture is what is guaranteed to be your poor babies future.

#Biden made this happen. There is no reason this should have ever occurred if not for Joe Bidens many wrong decisions we at #GoodfellaThoughts detail HERE and HERE. This is nothing but an atrocity of humanitarain magnitudes the world has not seen in generations.

And Biden helped enable to happen after saying for years that #Trump was evil for temporarily separating children from their families at our Southern Border and enforcing Immigration Laws. Well Joe...this separation of mother and child is most likely forever.

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