• TheGoodfella

A bill to end the ATF... thats interesting.

Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a bill to completely eliminate the ATF! Original Story What does the ATF actually do anymore? Other than record keeping paper trails the ATF has not regulated Alcohol since 1933. There is no organized crime rings or million dollar operations of moonshine anymore. So they're reduced to being a bar of entry for local made spirits to not compete with National/Global distributed brands. The size of these operations is minimal now...cant local police municipalities enforce these laws? And in regards to tobacco they pretty much only police what can or can not be advertised. Isn't that the role of State Legislatures with the advice of the AMA?

And they regulate the state to state taxation's of tobacco. Shouldn't the little government department named the IRS do that? And all major cities have their own bomb squads now. There are Special Response Teams (SRT) in every city across America. The ATFs SRT also does investigations into arson related crimes.... dont we have a FBI, CIA, HS, and localized Fire Department Investigators to do that? They may maintain regulatory responsibilities, but technically shouldn't Congress do that on a national level and States do that on a local level? So at the end of the day they have but one purpose... to help disarm Americans. They're not really the "ATF", they're just the "F". So yeah "F the ATF". Another gov department that is totally unnecessary.

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