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9th Circuit court blocks judge’s decision to overturn California assault weapons ban

Again is there any surprise here? Is anyone shocked by this? The 9th Circuit blocked a measure that would restore California residents Constitutional Right to bear arms. A liberal court decision to "Re-fringe, what was fringed on, that the Fathers of our Country said "Shall not infringe" in the US Constitution. What really is amazing is a liberal court block appeal was expected immediately after the ban was lifted in CA. So much that it was basically invited to happen, even by CA conservatives. Everyone with a brain saw it coming, and in about a weeks time here it is. It means CA Conservatives have conceded their rights. The state is a product of what the anti freedom and anti US Constitution agenda leads to. Even CA Conservatives have given up. They're so broken and defeated they didn't even bother to defend their rights and make their voices heard even when they had almost a perfect opportunity to do so. And the political test tube socialist experiment that is California is on its way to all conservative states. They have the recipe's and a successful restaurant in CA, now they're just franchising the business model so they can expand.

San Francisco - A federal appeals court decided Monday to put on hold a judge’s decision to overturn California’s 30-year-old ban on assault weapons, but the legal fight could continue for months and may be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. In a brief order, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of Judge Roger T. Benitez’s June 4 decision, in which he likened an AR-15 semiautomatic to a Swiss Army knife and called it “good for both home and battle.”


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