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9/11 Families Tell Biden "Don't Come To Memorial Events"

BUT HOW COULD THIS BE? #BIDEN IS THE MOST POPULAR #POTUS EVER WITH 81 MILLION VOTES RIGHT??? Everywhere you look he has zero support. On the contrary everywhere you look he has negative. There was, and still is no electricity to the American public at all. There is ZERO ENTHUSIASM in regards to Biden's Candidacy and now his Presidency. And now families of #September11th terrorist victims publicly ask him to stay away from their deceased loved ones memorial events. Maybe its because Biden helps fund terrorists? Or maybe its because he simply refuses to use the words ISLAMIC TERRORISM. In any case I must use this opportunity to examine numbers of Biden's support in comparison to that of #Trump, and even #BarrackObama 2008 election support which was through the roof. And please know a head of time ALL figures I state will have associated reference links at the bottom of this post for verification.

Biden: 81,268,924 votes, 527 counties won Trump: 74,216,154, 2,586 counties won But we're supposed to believe Biden had 7,052,770 more votes than Trump in 2020. Even though Trump set a record for the most votes ever, and by an incumbent POTUS. Obama: 69,498,516, 875 counties won We're supposed to just have faith that Biden got 11,770,408 votes more than Obama in 2008. Even though Obama had obvious support everywhere.

Regardless of how the AP Fact checkers do their best and try to tell America that the counties Biden won are so much more densely populated than the counties that Trump won as the reason the numbers don't make sense, they never explain how Obama won 348 more counties than Biden did and had almost 12 million less votes. The population growth in major cities is only an average of .8% per year with ranges from a high of 2.2% to a bottom of -1.4%. The math is impossible any way its crunched. The leftists are trying to sell to the USA that the population differences between Biden's 527 counties and Trumps 2,586 is 60 million more people greater for Trump. But that's not true.

The AP basically did the Democrats homework and gerrymandered the USA Elections map to achieve a result that tries to justify how Biden accomplished his vote total. But the problem is its simply not true. A recent examination of these counties actually proved the total population is about 7 million people less. So why lie about it? Why tell the USA a number that can be so easily determined as false? And why did the "independent fact checkers" (that we now know the majority of work for the Biden Administration, thanks to Psaki's admission) bother to tell anyone the population density statistics released by the AP are untrue?

Nearly 1,800 Americans directly affected by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are opposing President Joe Biden’s participation in any memorial events this year unless he upholds his pledge to declassify U.S. government evidence that they believe may show a link between Saudi Arabian leaders and the attacks.