• malgal92115

🚨4 Police Suicides from Jan 6 Capital🚨

As of today THERE ARE NOW 4 POLICE SUICIDES by cops who were called to the Capital Building on Jan 6th. WHO ELSE BELIEVES THEY WERE MURDERED? STORY LINK

I've searched multiple news reports and from what I can find NONE of these cops had prior mental illness conditions. The third “suicide” even asked his wife what was for dinner and if he should pick food up on the way home from work that night. After all that was figured out he said something normal like - ok love you see you later, and then “committed suicide” in his car 10 minutes after leaving the house.

Perhaps they wanted to speak their opinions and explain their version of events from their personal vantage points but were silenced.

This is opinionated but its a damn shame that they can do this all so bluntly. They don't even try to be discrete like in the movies anymore. They want an investigation and a circus court that only testifies to the way they want January 6th perceived. Pelosi met with the police that wanted to testify, we have multiple pictures contained in our post HERE of that meeting. They were all police she has known and hired before and somehow they're cops at the Capital. And then 4 cops that are not at her little pre-hearing pow wow kill themselves. No signs of mental illness or even warnings from the families. Just all of a sudden dead by their own hands.

If you believe this, you may be a total freakin dumb ass.....or a Democrat.