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2020 vs 2024 Key Economic Stats

I wrote the following on January 20th 2021, the day the truly elected POTUS left office. I didnt start #GoodfellaThoughts until mid June. This weekend I found the MS Word file in My Documents and thought it be a great addition to the #GFT history. Being only 6 months into #JoeBiden's term and having already witnessed what we have makes it more relevant than the day it was written. Check it out:.

What I can’t comprehend is how stupid some of America is. If it’s the young college idiots who think things like death tax doesn’t affect them? Or is it people who figure nothing will ever benefit them directly so it’s better to screw everyone over by voting for a moron? Are the rest just the usual idiot drones who believe what the DNC machine tells them. Seriously I am still a young man and I can recognize what this country gained under Trump as historically great. I was too young to remember the Reagan Revolution. So for me this is the greatest economy in my life. All I knew previously was outsourcing and never believing anyone could have a life long career position anymore. Over the past 4 years under Trump those feelings started to change. I felt more confident in jobs for me... and for my children in the future. And Democrat liberal voters think Biden is going to do better somehow? Based on what exactly? His track record or the history of his past votes and actions to grow government and shrink the private sector? Where people will see retirement gains until the generation turns and they lose their jobs, pensions, and half their portfolio values? That's what we saw under Clinton and Obama Administrations. And Biden has appointed all the same old bankers, lawyers, and "activists" to his own administration so far. I expect the stock market to continue to climb for the first 12-18 months under Joe. The FED will pump money into the economy causing inflation which will hide any apparent worries in stocks. But as soon as Biden raises the Corporate Gains taxes the job market, most notably the number of Americans in the Labor Market will begin to shrink. Then shortly after we will experience a manufactured recession in all matters of the economy. Job losses, price increases, tax increases, etc. But long as Biden does not mess with the major fundamentals Trump has made, and COVID continues to decline the Economy is sound under Trumps policies. When Biden changes the tax rates, he will hurt America and blame Trump. Thats the standard operating procedures for a Democrat. How could America commit financial suicide. Maybe we deserve what we get now because we're soft. I can't imagine George Washington's sitting back watching this happen to his country....

2020 vs 2024

  • Unemployment down to 6.7% announced today. It was 22.9% after the COVID shutdown.

  • Low was 4.52% under Trump Jan 2020. Before COVID.

  • More than 160.87 million Americans are part of the U.S. workforce today.

  • High was 164.7 mill under Trump in Jan 2020 before COVID. Thats an all time high fyi.

  • Average wage growth per year under Trump was 3.3% (highest in 50 years).

  • Gas is about $2.11/gallon nationally.

  • Gallon of milk is $3.50/gallon nationally.

  • Inflation Rate January 2021 is 1.4%

  • FED Interest Rate is currently 0%-0.25%.

  • Average 30-year fixed home mortgage rate is currently 3.060%.

  • Average home value right now is $284,600.

  • 5.34 million existing homes were sold in 2019.

  • New home construction in 2019 was 1.29 million, a 12.4% gain from 2016.

  • GDP =+33.1% showing a 6% growth rate of for fiscal year 2020 DURING COVID).

  • Average GDP under Trump is now 3.3%. a 1.6% increase from Obamas average 1.7%.

  • In 2019 the average US Home electric bill was $117.65. The average amount of electricity used was 914-kilowatt hours and the average cost of electricity was 12.87 cents per kilowatt-hour.

  • In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 US deaths- 25,702 more deaths than in 2017.

  • In 2020 a projected total of 2,865,338 US deaths. A decrease of -26,133. A 1% DECREASE DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC!!!

  • DOW at 31,254, +11,000 points in 4 years under Trump.

  • NASDAQ 12,000 and NYSE 14,250 both all time highs.

  • 2 COVID19 Vaccines being shipped early December. Created, tested, approved and shipped in 9 total months.