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1st sentencing for felony in Jan 6th US Capitol

So according to the this AP Article the Prosecutors have stated this mans felony is that he (QUOTE) "contributed to the collective threat to democracy". Side note: Shouldn't the entire #bidenadministration and most of the #democratparty be charged with this? How about former FBI Director James Comey for falsifying Evidence to trick US Judges to get a FISA Warrant on a Presidential Candidate to help the #HillaryClinton campaign? How about the entire MSM for 3.5 years of lying about a sitting POTUS colluding with Russia and Vladimir Putin to steal a US Election? How about the hundreds of #ANTIFA and #BLM protests that blocked access to police stations, fire stations, hospitals, court houses and even national parks? I guess non of that qualifies as a "COLLECTIVE THREAT ON DEMOCRACY".

Lastly can someone show me that law in any current online Federal Crimes List that past DOJ officials and prosecutors have used as public reference in the past like: or

Because I cant find that code/law anywhere? Strange... I'm starting to believe the

#DOJ may be exaggerating and making up Felony Crimes now. Hmmmm? This man is going to be charged with a felony for doing what again? Standing there in the Rotunda with a #Trump flag and funny looking ski goggles around his neck? Don't get me wrong the man is 100% Guilty of a Fashion Crime and maybe needing a haircut. Unless hes a WWE Wrestler cut your hair bruh! (in my Biden voice) C'MON MAAAN! And he is guilty of trespassing. Hes guilty of protesting in DC w/o a permit. But those are not felonies in the USA. Those are misdemeanors that get someone a weekend in jail and a $1500 fine. And I went to the Capital so I know what visiting entails. He didn't clear the required FBI Background check to enter the building. That should be a crime additional to trespassing. Bypassing a Required Federal background check to enter a Government building. Could/should that be a felony? Yes to be fair. But the fact is at the moment he did so it wasn't. Its just part of the trespassing charges. And it should be listed with other possible offenses at . But its not. The actual charge is Obstructing an Official Proceeding . This law is part of the Anti Trust Civil Process Act . This would include an intent to "influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law". Was that his INTENT? Or was he just doing what thousands of Antifa events do where he was calling for Due Process and Justice under the law? Interesting. What if the Election Fraud Evidence thats been released recently advances to the next stages of Law? Will that change what his supposed INTENT and motive? Democrats have opened this box. They keep pushing envelopes on what they can get away with. Lets see how this shakes out in the long run.

Could/should there be a charge of "FELONY Trespassing" in US Law? YES! And it should be for any trespasser to anyones property when someone is not welcome there. But I digress, that would limit ANTIFAS ability to do what Liberals require wouldn't it?