• TheGoodfella

150 Houston Hospital Employees (of 25,000) lose jobs over COVID Vaccine

Every single NATIONAL media headline focuses on the 150 hospital workers that refused to get the COVID vaccine and either quit or were fired. The news articles then begin to shame the Hospitals Executives for forcing employees to take the vaccine.

As Comedian Chris Rock likes to say "SLOW DOWN!" Only local news in and around the city of Houston tell people there are 25,000 employees at this hospital that chose to get the vaccine. Instead they focus on the very small percentage that did not. Basically another example of exploiting a minority group of some kind. But the six tenths (6/10ths) of a percent of the Hospitals staff should not be what drives company policy. Because the Company also has rights. I believe in free choice. Nobody should have to take the vaccine if they don't want to. And for the record I chose to get the vaccine. I am not anti in any way. However companies also have rights. They can require one be vaccinated in order to work there. And then its a persons choice to comply or work elsewhere. The same way I believe if one owns a Bakery and doesn't want to make a cake for a gay couples wedding, they have the right to choose not to do so. And by the way the SCOTUS agreed with that principal. No US citizen should be required to do anything they don't want to do. Every citizen has the power to choose in America. Just like no US Citizen should be forced to buy government mandated Healthcare (aka Obamacare). And by the way the SCOTUS agreed with that principal also. What someone feels is right or wrong doesn't apply in regards to voiding someones Constitutional Rights to choose and be free. The same way that when someone does not like firearms and thinks guns should be banned but never are, BECAUSE ITS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. And by the way the SCOTUS agreed with that principal also

"The hospital has about 25,000 employees, nearly all of whom have abided by the policy, Methodist leaders have said previously". STORY LINK