• FreedomOrDeath

100 Days of Goodfella Thoughts

Today is our 107th day in existence. We're happy to have cracked the 100 day mark. #GoodfellaThoughts (GFT) started June 9th 2021 and published our first post . And early this morning we had our 50,000 site visit. We're proud of that and would like to acknowledge that it feels good to not write posts that nobody is reading.

The day GFT started we had but a single contributor who was also our founder


Now we have 3 more contributors. Each conservative minded with different expertise, passions, educations, and Thoughts:

malgal92115🛡️, THE PUBLIC VOICE🛡️, (and myself) FreedomOrDeath🛡️.

We appreciate our existing reader base and the opportunity to express ourselves here. We our thankful for the creation of GETTR as a social media platform which launched about a month after we started GFTs. We have been very active on our account to help GFT's grow and find new readers who share our views.

And we also want to use this '100 days alive' post to say how we appreciate all the liberal haters blowing up the GFT's inbox daily with messages like: 'F U Ignorant morons, We hope you hypocrites choke, Your moms must be so proud' etc. etc. etc.

Because the truth is without your hating we may not exist.

Thanks and God bless!