Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Russian Collusion Media/Democrats: “Trump didn’t win he cheated with Putin & Russia we need a designated Special Counsel Investigation to get to the bottom of it. Our bombshell evidence and reports will lock him in prison when this is done”. Reality: Special Counsel said “No Collusion, and zero evidence that anyone colluded at all”. Special Counsel Mueller stated that “anyone else associated with Trump that was previously indicted had nothing to do with the scope of his investigations”. 3 of the 4 indictments have had charges dropped or cleared since then.

Taxes Media/Democrats: “Trump never paid taxes, his tax returns will prove his ties to Russia and Putin, and he cheated on his taxes”. Reality: Trump had his own Tax lawyers and the top independent firm of Price-Waterhouse-Cooper file his personal and business tax returns for 40 years to ensure they were legal and squeaky clean. The IRS has audited his Tax returns every year for the past 24 years. 20 have cleared audit and zero discrepancies were found. 4 are still under audit awaiting clearance. The NY Prosecutor that has had them officially for almost 6 months, but has actually had them for about 3 years. And still to date nothing has been found but continuous headlines claiming the search continues for the crime. But on June 28th 2021 it was revealed the Manhattan District Attorney concluded its 3-4 year investigation into Trumps tax filings and had no plans to indict or even directly implicate Trump in any Tax fraud scheme. Michael Cohen Media/Democrats: “Trumps right hand man, friend, and trusted attorney has flipped and will present all the evidence of Trumps crimes in Russia and tax evasions and campaign finance laws AND MOST IMPORTANTLY that Trump had full knowledge of “the 2016 Meeting with a Russian Oligarch at Trump Tower with Don Jr. who was given advance wiki leak info from Assange.” and that Trump instructed Cohen to lie about it to the special counsel and Robert Mueller had the evidence to prove it. Reality: Cohen cooperated with the special counsel fully to escape crimes in his own past that had nothing to do with Trump, got off completely free, and as Mueller had to say in his report and live closing testimony to Congress “There was no evidence of Collusion found from anyone in the Trump Campaign or Administration”. And Latter Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer told CNN the Russian Oligarch at Trump Tower Meeting was a complete lie. And of course in his report and closing testimony Mueller again would say “The evidence Trump asked Cohen to do anything wrong is false reporting”. C-SPAN HACKED Media/Democrats: C-SPAN was hacked by Russia to spread Trump Propaganda. Reality: “C-SPAN “No, we weren’t hacked, after our investigation it was a routing error that last 40 seconds”. US Energy Grid Hacked Media/Democrats: ”Russia hacked the US Energy Grid, Trump allowed this to empower Russia”. Reality: FBI Investigation proved an employee at Burlington Eclectic Department in Vermont was checking his private Yahoo account and it triggered a lock down of the systems. The computers IP was linked to the Democrat Party servers that day.

Anthony Scaramucci

Media/Democrats: “Trump aide involved in Russian Hedge Fund under Senate Investigation, Trump had full knowledge” Reality: CNN Retracted the entire story and said it was all false. Scaramucci was not even under investigation and there was no hedge fund with Russia. The “journalist” resigned the next week.

Trumps Secret Server to Russian Banks Media/Democrats: Hillary Clintons own website broke the report that the New York Times printed the next day “Computer scientists uncover a covert server linking Trump to Russian/Putin Based Bank” Reality: On October 24th 2016 in St. Augustine FL Trump met with law enforcement officials from the FBI, HS, and CIA and later was cleared of any involvement as the Bank Account was not his or anyone Trump had ever associated with. Paul Manafort Media/Democrats: “The Guardian” broke this bomb shell: “3 Times Manafort visited Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assage at the Ecuador Embassy to exchange political opposition intelligence before the 2016 Election” Reality: No evidence was ever provided. Manafort was cleared by the FBI as having never stepped foot in Equator, let alone the US Embassy in Ecuador. War and US Military a) Trumps War Views Media/Democrats: “Trump is unstable and will cause WWIII” Reality: First 4 year term of peace and Global Stability since Ronald Reagan. b) Trump promised to win the war against ISIS in only 4 months Media/Democrats: “Trump has no idea what hes doing, all the generals said Trumps promise is impossible, this war is complicated and been going on for a decade in Iraq”. Reality: ISIS was defeated in Iraq in 8 months. Trump was off the mark with his 4 month promise. But after his orders were followed from the time of the first engagement to the end was only 2 months. The US Military is that good if our leader lets them do their job. c) Hates Military: Media/Democrats: “He called military suckers and losers”. Reality: Trump fixed the VA Hospital, gave all US Military a raise and stabilized budgeting for USM benefits, brought troops back from war torn regions we shouldn’t have been at, used MOABs and Smart missiles to kill enemies of US terror agencies like Iran’s Soleimani. And increased military funding each year in office while making defense contractors compete to lower costs of spending. d) Russia Bounties on US Military Media/Democrats: “Putin put price tags on US troops and Trump knew about it and did nothing” Reality: CIA and FBI Conform 2 years later “there was no Russia Bounty program on US Military”. Spygate: Media/Democrats: “The Trump Dossier is Real and Authenticated, Trump is a traitor to his nation”. Reality: The entire Trump Dossier was a lie, written by a disgraced Scotland Yard member, paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton and used by the FBI who knew it was fake to attain FISA Warrants to investigate Trumps Russian Collusion. Middle Class prosperity Media/Democrats: “Trump only cares about the rich and will ruin the middle class” Reality: Largest middle class growth rate in 35 years. Gave the biggest tax cut in history that independent financial studies show 80% of the population benefited. Created the most jobs of any US president in 4 years. Had the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, the lowest black and Latino unemployment rate ever, and the lowest unemployment rate for women in 50 years. Also had the highest percentage of pay increases for middle class Americans in 30 years. Mexico/USA Immigration a) Mexico is not sending their best people Media/Democrats: “Trump is racist and wants to deport all Mexicans”. Reality: Mexico had a program that sent their convicts to America since the early 90s and Trump ended it. b)Walls Media/Democrats: “Walls don’t work, Trump is a fear mongering racist”. Reality: Lowest number of illegal entry into the USA, Mexico helped control their own Southern Borders, and lowest number of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants in 30 years. c) Kids in cages Media/Democrats: “Trump is ripping families apart and locking kids up in cages he had built, this is inhumane and not what America represents” Reality: Obama and Joe Biden built the cages in 2011. Designed for children who were being trafficked across the border via smugglers. A large percentage were kid napped victims. AOC and other Democrats loved to have photographic outrage and pretend they were concerned. But all that outrage completely ghosted in only 3 months time under Biden.

d) Bidens Border Crisis in 2021 Media/Democrats: “There is no crisis”, “We’ve been to the border and seen the crisis”, “There are no kids are in cages like what Trump was doing”, “Trump created this crisis”. Reality: Trump gave Biden the most secure border in US History by simply enforcing existing US laws that we have had for 200 years and constructing a wall. Neither Biden nor Kamala have been to the US Border and spoke to border agents since their term began Jan 20th 2021. And theres more than 35,000 children in cages now with no parents to claim them. Finally Biden has admitted a crisis, and then blamed it on Trump. The same day Kamala would tell the people of Guatemala on her first international trip “Do not come, you will be turned back and not allowed entry”.

California Wildfires Media/Democrats: "Clearing the forest brush wont do anything to prevent forest fires, Trump thinks he's an expert Forest Ranger now but he doesn't know what hes talking about". Reality: Regardless of their rhetoric Democrats in June 2021 decided to fund $500 million of emergency Federal funding to clear under brush in forests to curb fires. So that means Trump was right…. Again. And that Liberal Democrats would rather let their state burn to ash than admit Trump was right about something.

Global Warming Media/Democrats: “Trump hates the planet because hes leaving the Paris Climate Accords”. Reality: Convinced Congress to deliver the single largest investment in America’s national parks and conservation in history with the Great American Outdoors Act. It included Land and Water Conservation Fund at $900 million per year, forever. President Trump signed the Save Our Seas Act, protecting our oceans from waste and pollution, and this year, the Trump administration is investing more than $91 million in the Great Lakes – nearly 30% more than previous funding. Lastly the Paris Climate Accords do nothing. It was funded more than 80% by the USA and Russia, China, and India the world’s three largest polluters were not committed or even involved at all. In fact Trump lowered US Emissions below the EPA suggested tolerance level.

Protesters at White House Lafayette Square Park Park Media/Democrats: “On June 1st 2020 Trump tear gassed innocent protesters at the Park so he could walk to Saint John’s Episcopal Church and get a photo op without the protesters being seen and heard, hes a coward”. The Washington DC Mayor said there was no use or authorization for the DC police do so do, it had to be Secret Service actions. Reality: 2 years later the Washington DC Police Department would confirm they tear gassed the protesters per the Mayors authority.

The Muslim Travel Ban Media/Democrats: "Trumps racist ban on all Muslim people is an attack on all people of color in efforts to keep America white, and to keep Muslim people living in terror war zones". Reality: A record number of Muslim people traveled to the USA for vacations and leisure trips from their country of origin from 2017-2020 (pre-COVID). What America saw less of is a 91% decline in refugees seeking permanent asylum in the USA from Muslim countries. There was no ban on Muslim people coming to America, there was a stop of people trying to gain immigration access through asylum from 6 Muslim Nations with a very high level of terrorist activity.

White House Fence Media/Democrats: “Trump is such a coward hes built a fence around the Peoples House”. Reality: In 1801 President Thomas Jefferson ordered the construction of a wood fence around the White House. He replaced it with a solid stone 9’ tall wall in 1808. Under President Obama in July 2016 The Commission of Fine Arts approved concepts for a new White House fence proposed by the National Park Service and the US Secret Service. The proposed fence would be taller, stronger, and equipped with anti climb and intrusion components. This was the result of some guy climbing the wall and setting himself on fire in 2015. Charlotte Attacks Media/Democrats: “Trump said the KKK has very fine people” Reality: The KKK was not at Charlotte. Regardless Trump condemned the KKK and Antifa and said “Hate groups have no place in American Culture. His actual quote was “Both sides have very fine people” in regards to the Police and Antifa members. Racism Media/Democrats: “ Trump is a racist Nazi”. Reality: Trump provided the highest ever funding of Black Colleges and made in permanent, created school choice for all parents, provided prison reform that freed 99% minorities that shouldn’t have been in prison to begin with, and had the economy that made the lowest minority unemployment rate in history, and established opportunity zones that created more than 500,000 NEW jobs in minority dominated areas . And he has actual Jewish family members and his own daughter converted.

Misogyny/Sexism Media/Democrats: “Trump is a misogynist who devalues women”. Reality: Trump appointed more women to his cabinet than Obama and Bill Clinton combined. Trumps private business employs more women in upper management than all of Congress employs PERIOD.

Hunter Biden Laptop Media/Democrats: “The laptop is not Hunters, FBI says it doesn’t exist, Trump is lying, Hunter doesn’t use drugs, and Trump should be ashamed of himself for attacking Joe’s family”. Reality: Half a year later FBI says “The Laptop was Hunters and is authentic” Hunter Biden states in his own book and in his 60 Minutes Interview “I was so addicted to Crack that I was smoking a new crack rock every 15 minutes”. Later Trump would admit himself, he tried his best to not make it about Hunter, but about the fact Joe Biden, the Media, and Democrats were denying facts and calling him a liar.

Impeachment: Media/Democrats: “Trump colluded*, blackmailed, bribed, extorted, intimidated, and pressured the President of Ukraine” (*NOTE: See how the offenses continued to be downgraded over time) over the words “I’d like you to do us a favor”. Reality: Ukrainian President Zelensky said multiple times there was no pressure from Trump applied on the Phone call at all. The entire process was based of an "anonymous source" that never even testified before Congress. The truth is Trump threatened to uncover facts about a scam in Ukraine that Hunter Biden and his dad Joe have been involved in for at least a decade. So it became very important to Democrats very fast. So in short "Impeachment was a cover up"... process that.

Energy Prices Media/Democrats: “Trump will ruin the US Energy grid and is on over his head” Reality: Lowest consumer prices on record for 4 years of all energy sectors. Made the USA 100% energy independent in only 2 years.

COVID Origins Media/Democrats: ” Trump is lying and crazy the disease is natural and came from *bats, wet market animals, lake water in China, started in Italy not China. Trumps racist fear mongering Conspiracy Theories are only hurting us more”. This “conspiracy theory” was so largely ridiculed that even social media sites like Facebook and Twitter began their “fact checkers” services to help denounce and censor anyone who even suggested it may be true online. Reality: Faucci a year later “It appears the Wuhan lab leak story is more possible than I previously believed”. Then after 1000 of his emails leaked proving he knew it was a man made engineered virus that somehow leaked from the Wuhan China Laboratory and that he chose to help fund the research despite his FDA staff citing the many risks we now know 100% without a doubt COVID was manmade, in a Wuhan China lab, and it got out. We don’t know how it got out or why, if its release was accidental, gross negligence or intentional. And now Media/Democrats are blaming Trump for not starting an investigation into it. However since Dr. Faucci’s public admission and the release of many of his emails showing he knew that COVID was engineered in a Wuhan China Lab the main stream news has been correcting the story and social media fact checkers have changed their policy to allow uninterrupted online discussion among people.

COVID Vaccines Media/Democrats: “A vaccine in less than 4 years is impossible, Dr. Faucci said it would be a biomedical miracle and will never happen by December as Trump has promised”. Reality: Through Operation Warp Speed 3 Vaccines were engineered, tested, manufactured, 170 million doses distributed. 20,000 health care professionals were trained in proper and safe administration and 50 million doses were administered before Biden took office. Capital Attacks on Jan 6th: Media/Democrats: “Trump called for violence and encouraged a mob to have an insurrection that led to 4 peoples deaths including a Capital Police Officer who was bashed in the head by a crazed Trump supporter swinging a fire extinguisher”. Reality: Although Facebook and Twitter have banned Trump from further use on their platforms, his original tweets from Jan 5th and 6th are still there. None of his posts call for violence or aggression. His tweets/FB posts all asked for calm, patience, and unity and to obey Police and laws. The official autopsy of the policeman that died proved he died of natural causes and had zero blunt force traumas (or any injury) to any part of his body. The lady who was shot and killed by Capital police had spoken to friends and suicide prevention lines for the past weeks. And the other 2 deaths were not even at the capitol building. Furthermore in the Senates Bi Partisan Report released 6-8-21 an officer stated to Senate Investigators, "We were ill prepared. We were NOT informed with intelligence. We were betrayed."

Phone Call to GA Deputy Secretary

Media/Liberals: #Trump called her after the electio, applied pressure and forcefully instructed her to “Find the 12,000 votes we need to win”.

Reality: The phone call recording would later be released bu Trump, and no such pressure or demands were ever made.

(IN PROCESS AND UNDETERMINED) Ballot Integrity: Media/Liberals: "There is no WIDESPREAD voter fraud in the USA that effected to 2020 election outcome, Trump is spreading conspiracy theory courts across the country are throwing out the case". Reality: Lots of evidence was presented to courts. Non of it was actually reviewed. Democrats pick their words wisely here. The evidence was never examined and the case(s) dismissed from courts in the 6 counties that turned the election around for Joe Biden at 3-6 AM on Nov 3rd, 2020. What was conducted in these counties was a "Vote Recount" where the same exact ballots were just counted over again with no verification of vote to person to residence. All we know now is something suspect occurred in those 6 counties of Fulton GA, Maricopa AZ, Philadelphia PA. Milwaukee WI, Clark Nevada, and Wayne MI. As I type full verification of each vote to person to residence is taking place in Maricopa County AZ and GA, PA, WI, and MI all have requests to do the same following the results. So time will tell the truth either way. DO YOU KNOW ANY LIES ABOUT TRUMP THAT I MISSED? If so message and I will EDIT+ADD them.