Get your free Crack Pipe and free crack to smoke. Comes in a "kit" with other assorted drug "paraphernalia". Maybe like a "Vote for Biden 2024 and get free drugs" campaign flyer. Biden is giving out crack pipes like a dentist gives out lollipops. CRACK HEADS CALL 202-456-1111 to get your free Crack Pipe while supplies last!!!

Diabetics need insulin they can’t afford. Elderly on retirement checks can barely afford food. But this is what dumb AF Biden Champions and spends money on. I guess hes trying to normalize crack use to help his son Hunters forthcoming legal issues. America is disgusting under Joe.

Every single day reality calls president Joe Biden…. And he just hangs up. The result of all this is the POTUS is now the Nations Top Drug Dealer. Yes. You read and understood that right.

Biden administration to fund programs to hand out crack pipes


  • TheGoodfella

There are United States citizens who are pleading to have their freedoms taken away. People who are actually begging to have their Constitutional Rights stripped from them.

Even worse there are Americans who are willing to hand over the freedoms of their own children as an offering to the Church of Government. Like a sacrificial lamb to the God of Health and institutionalism.

I'm sorry but when I read shit like this I can't help but think the experiment that was called America is failing.

George Washington, the 56 congressional delegates that signed the Declaration of Independence, the 39 who signed the US Constitution, and every American in History that died to protect those Freedoms would be very disappointed in us today. They would be upset we have allowed America to come to the point where some take our own Freedoms for granted. So much so that some of our own countrymen no longer appreciate having Rights or find intrinsic value in the meaning of living free.

In many ways I believe that this is the "Saddest Day" that was described in the book "The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis", by biographer Cass Canfield when he referenced a comment printed in the London Times in 1864, "The Americans are making war as no people ever made it before". Only this time the war is without guns and "We The People" will all lose.


8,500 Troops on high alert and ready to deploy. I am praying to god this is just a bluff. Like a head fake in basketball. If its a big head fake and it works to avoid true conflict I will give Biden some credit. Because basically that's what Trump did a lot of. But Trump would follow through when needed. Because a juke move ONLY works when the competition knows you will follow through and take it to the rim (keeping the basketball analogy) if and when necessary.

Does Putin think Biden will follow through? Probably not. I can't believe he senses any strength or resolve from Joe. On the contrary I believe Putin thinks Biden is a regular political class ruler that is fickle with zero balls. But of course thats just my opinion.

But for the sake of our US Troops I hope this fizzles out. But IF US boots hit the ground in Ukraine and Russia ALL LIBERALS need to start being critical of the President they forced on this Nation. Excuses can't be made when talking about war, national security, and the lives of US Soldiers. It would be time for liberals to face some cold hard facts about what they championed. Side Note: And where is Europe on this? Wheres the UK, France, and Germany? What is the UN doing to put pressure on Putin to stand down? Other than a few token public comments not a damn thing. Almost as if they want this to happen???

A satellite image shows Russian battle groups and vehicles parked in Yelnya, Russia on January 19. (Maxar Technologies/Reuters)