Most advocate for: Less Government
Occupation:  GoodfellaThoughts Founder, Writer
Education: Rockstar (and AD)
Favorite President all time: George Washington
Favorite Political Book:  Washington, the Indispensable Man – James Thomas Flexner
Favorite Fictional Novel: Huge Dan Brown fan so Da Vinci Code
Favorite Movie:  Goodfellas 1990 (obviously)
Weapon of Choice: Kimber Raptor II Stainless Ultra 45
Age: 41
Location: SwampLyfe! Washington D.C.


Most advocate for:  Anti anything Socialism
Occupation:  Nurse
Education: RN AD
Favorite President all time: Donald J. Trump
Favorite Historical Book: My Bible or Sources of Our Liberties – Richard L. Perry
Favorite Fictional Novel:  1984 - George Orwell (not fiction anymore though)
Favorite Movie: Swing Vote - 2008
Weapon of Choice: My Pink Lady 38
Age: 38
Location: Hollywood CA

Most advocate for: 2A Rights
Occupation:  Former US Navy, Small business owner
Education: CECP
Favorite President all time: Ronald Reagan
Favorite Political Book: More Guns, Less Crime – John R. Lott Jr.
Favorite Fictional Novel: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams
Favorite Movie:  Unforgiven - 1992
Weapon of Choice: AR10, LWRCI REPR MKII
Age: 51
Location: Orlando Florida

The Public Voice
Most advocate for: Reducing Spending and our National deficit
Occupation: Controller

Education: B.S., Accounting 

Favorite President all time: Abraham Lincoln 

Favorite Political Book: 1984 / Animal Farm

Favorite Fictional Novel: Brave New World 

Favorite Movie: Swordfish 

Weapon of Choice: Ruger AR15

Age: 39

Location: New York, NY